about me

Hello everyone!

My name is Hanny van Kuijck-de Koning. Here I will use my official maidenname which is Joanna de Koning.

I will use this blog to showcase my little drawings…one at a time, every day of the coming year 2017. Every single piece will be drawn on a 10x10cm paper. All I will use are a pencil (eraser LOL) and some black fineliners.

My inspiration I will seek mostly on Google and Pinterest and my drawings will be copied/ redrawn from examples I’ve found. It may be a cartoon, something from Disney, little sketches of flowers.. and anything I will come up with. This is to start off my project… perhaps later on this year I will do other things… but we’ll find out along the way =D

I really hope you’ll enjoy my journey

with love Joanna